For some reason, I don't want to write blogs in Chinese these days, mostly because I want to get rid of the "bad money drives out good" games.

I am not aimed at specific one, I mean all technology news aggregators in Chinese are definitely garbage.

We all know that it's easier said than done. For that reason, I decided to begin with rewriting my latest Chinese blog into English.

Actually, it is far more difficult than I think. After graduating from college for about two years, although I didn't write much English, I read a lot every day. In my imagination, it's pretty easy to write down what I thought in English, but the reality gave me a lesson.

At first, it was just translation. Soon I found that it's hard to express myself in English, especially when I was telling a cold joke in Chinese. Then, the style issue came up. When I was writing in Chinese, I like to tell readers about the background of the problem, the way I try, the way I think, and even the keywords I search with Google. But when I try to translate these verbose stuff into English, oh my god, I never want to do this again.

When I finally finish the translation, what I get was a blog post full of grammar and spell mistakes. After I published the post, there was no flowers and applause, the only thing waiting for me was a merciless ridicule from a friend. "You really need to improve your grammar skills", he said.

"Fuck my life", I thought.

He was right, I need to improve my poor English skills, not only grammar. What do you think I would do? Enrolling in an English class to learn more English? No, that's not me. I will find some applications that can help me to correct grammar mistakes. I have already known one.

Hemingway Editor

It was two years ago when I was busy working on my graduation thesis, I found an application called "Hemingway Editor" that can help improve article's readability. But that's far not enough, I need applications that can find grammar and spell mistakes automatically for me.

Looking for applications is one of the things I good at. I found Grammarly, Online Text Correction, and many others. Finally, I decide to work with this two and the Hemingway Editor.

Online Text Correction

By the way, I gave Cleartext a try yesterday, and I will never use it anymore, you can't even use words like "computer science" in it. That's awful.

With the help of those three applications, writing blogs in English is much easier now. Happy hacking!

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

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